Systemic Coaching

Coaching is suited to accompany you in business related topics and offers you clear goals and solutions.

The amount of sessions are defined right from the start, they can be 3 to 5. The goals are defined together and held as our working plan.

Coaching can be recommended for:

  • Professional Burn Out
  • Communication difficulties
  • Leadership difficulties
  • Interpersonal conflicts
  • Career Crisis

Thanks to a coaching process you can achieve more clarity, focus and order in your professional area. You can find new ways of action, develop a more satisfied attitude towards work and a more fulfilling professional life.

Conversations in a coaching setting can improve your capacity of self-reflection and self-responsibility, can help you acknowledge your resources, capacities and talents.

Duration: individual, 3-5 sessions.
Costs: € 100 /50 minutes (private)